About us

Art Mayka is run by Charlie and Alina Tait, local photographers who have been selling work to the public for over 5 years, through art fairs, markets, galleries and private clients.

The motivation behind Art Mayka is simple. We couldn’t rely on others to make our art. We did everything ourselves. If we sent a print away to be made it came back a different colour than we expected. In response we colour calibrated and did it ourselves. Each aspect of what we do has been worked and reworked to achieve quality that we could be proud of.

We now believe we have the capability to offer a service that if offered to us, we would trust. By opening our studio for artists to come and engage in the process, to interact with the product development and to test their finished artwork, trust canl be established. No surprises in the work quality.

We want to be the only people you trust to make your work.


  Charlie“The first time we did an event to sell our work, we were rubbish. Our stall frightened people away, our display was poor and our packaging none existent. Customers did not understand what we were about and our work went largely unsold.

At the end of the first day, another seller came to us and said, “if you don’t mind me saying you are doing a few things wrong”. We listened and went home with a list to work on over night. The next day we sold 4 times what we did the first day and in less hours. That started our process of learning 5 years ago. After tens of thousands of pounds of investment in capabilities, creative & innovative thinking and the application of manufacturing best practice, we want to give back the help we received. To enable new and established artists to succeed in their chosen fields”.


Alina“An important learning for me was the difference between a fantastic piece of art and a fantastic piece of art that somebody wants to put on their wall.

It’s the difference between somebody ‘admiring your work and walking away’ or ‘admiring your work and taking it home with them’.

If you want to earn a living from art you need to have insight into this. We can help you get there”.

Get in touch on 0151 709 2875 / 07807 572667 or email us.